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Stained Glass

Artist Statement

"In stained glass, everything has to be precise. A mistake means a hole. When I completed my first stained glass window as an apprentice, the master craftsman picked up the piece, made a few comments then threw it down, shattering it, and said “OK, do it again.” He did that three times. What it instilled in me was perfection and craft. Anything I pursue, from wine to gardening to painting, I approach with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship."

Tom’s love for stained glass began as a child, serving as an altar boy. During the long hours of mass, he became mesmerized by the kaleidoscope of colored light slanting down on the pews. His curiosity led to an apprenticeship at a stained glass studio at age 14, and his entry into the life of a professional artist. From lamps and full-length wall panels to the designing and managing the glass production for Skywalker Ranch, his career as a glass artist has spanned fifty years.

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