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Artist Statment

"My approach to all things in life is to take on challenge—to invest the time to learn the craft. Wine is an extension of my art and I’ve been committed to quality from the beginning."

Tom has had a lifelong connection with the land. His first job at age 10 was the sticky, dirty work of picking apricots on his grandfather’s orchard. When he came across a vineyard for sale in the Yorkville Highlands of Anderson Valley in 2001 it felt like a returning to his roots. He decided to buy the winery and invest in learning the process--from the labor of growing and harvest to the subtle art of fermentation and aging. With the help of his partners and dedicated crew, Maple Creek Winery has a variety of award-winning wines ranging from an Estate Chardonnay, Anderson Valley Pinot Noir, Largo Ridge Zinfandel, Estate Merlot, and Symphony.  They also include Bordeaux Blends and late harvest varietals.  

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